About us



We started as professional colleagues heading out for casual rides after work. We started exploring everything the Greater Toronto Area has to offer.  Drive any direction for an hour or less from Toronto and you will find a fantastic variety of trails, sculpted by dedicated builders. There is everything from rolling XC to punchy, windy singletrack to smashing through endless rock gardens.  As the years went on we hit up all the trails and became riding buddies. We ventured further afield to places like Sedona and Moab, and to the North Shore and Squamish.  Like most riding buddies, we spent the majority of our free time shooting the breeze about mountain bikes.  One topic that came up again, and again, was that while technology was getting better and better, prices were skyrocketing and "top of the line" was getting out of reach.   When it came time for new bikes were getting priced out of the sport we loved.   Sure, there are "cheap" bikes still available but big business is a funny thing and to hit those lower price points required serious corner cutting.  Now you have avid riders buying new bikes, only to compromise on suspension or wanting to swap out big ticket items like wheelsets. Studying the problem we found the best way to get prices down, while not cutting corners, and still delivering the best ride experience was to keep it simple.  Ten models, with a half dozen variations each just complicates things.  We offer only a few builds, spec'd to offer you the best riding experience.  Our bikes aren't for everyone, but for those who know bikes, it's clear what a Staran brings to the table.   

Better specs. No compromises.  



Jeff Fleming - VP Operations

Nickname - Monster Truck, easier to go over than around

Clips or Flats? Clips

Favourite Trail - Rio Escondido, Kamloops or Portal, Moab

What do you when you are not riding? - Wrenching on bikes


Tyler Dilley - VP Marketing

Nickname - Twinkle Toes

Blind jumps: roll or hit?  Hit 'em!

Favourite Trail - Anything and everything flowy

What do you do when you are not riding? - I don't understand the question and refuse to answer


BrianBrian Andruchow - VP Product Development

Nickname - Bashing Brian, 'cause I break stuff

Known for - somehow racing a 24hr race at night with no lights...

Favourite Trail - Hazard County, Moab, Utah.

What do you do when you are not riding? - Working for the man.


Mike Fleming

Mike Fleming - VP User Experience

Nickname - Mikey Boy

Life's goal:  Finish The Whole Enchilada without killing a derailleur

Favourite Trail - Kanata Lakes, Ottawa

What do you do when you are not riding? - Build sweet jumps