Custom Titanium - Hardline Ti

Welcome Staran's newest member of the family, the Hardline Ti.

Fortunately, we can't say much more about this bike.  Why?  Because it's custom, from geometry through specs.  No two bikes will be alike (unless you order two of course).  

We start with our base tube shapes and tweak the geometry to get you the ride of your dreams.

  • Want a long, low, slack rig for railing berms?  Sure. 

  • Want a race machine?  You got it.

  • How about an adventure bike?  Saddle up!

Custom frames starting at $1750 CAD.  

Shown: A 140mm 27.5in hardtail with aggressive 2.5in wide tires


Q: What wheel size does it come in?

A: Whatever you want!  Its custom.


Q: Why titanium?

A: Those who have ridden titanium know why.  For the rest, titanium is light like carbon but responsive like steel.  The raw finish is gorgeous and lasts a lifetime.


Q: Why custom?

A: Titanium bikes are one of those things that are meant to last forever.  The metal, the ride quality, the prestige.  It should be exactly how you want it.


Q: I want one.  So how does this all work?:

A: We'll be launching a customization portal soon and in the meantime just call or write us and let us know what you want.  We will work with you on geometry and components.  


Q: Won't a custom bike cost me an arm and leg?  Because its titanium wont I have to throw in my first born?

A: Nope.  Sure it will be more than an off-the-shelf hardtail (of most materials) but you will have control over the parts to help balance your expectations and budget.